When he walks into a room. Her life begins. She just falls in love with him all over again. He just makes her heart so over filled with love.. It's as though she can't breathe . She pinches her self to make sure shes still alive, or is this just a dream.

All she has to do is just think of him and she begins to explode. Their love is just that powerful. The love they share between them. A love for all ages. A test of time. His tall frame covers her tiny frame. It is as though she were inside of him. Inside of him what a beautiful place that would be. Then she could always be with him.

This would be a safe haven for her. She would never have to be away from him again. She is addicted to him. A drug she wishes no cure for. The drug of her unfailing love for him. The man of her dreams has became her reality. The most powerful man she has ever known. When he goes away her heart just breaks. When he returns is's as though he were never away.

They greet each other with just their eyes and the other one knows each others needs. The need to make passionate love to each other. Every time is like the very first time that they made love. When the earth just stood still. The earth just stood still for that moment in time. For nothing else mattered but him and her, and their entwined bodies together. Would he always be there for her? She hoped so. She would always be there for him.

She had given him her whole heart and soul. Her life was nothing with out him. She would only exist if he were gone. She lived only for him. Her life revolved around his. Her thoughts became his. When she speaks he knows what she is going to say. She doesn't even have to speak with her lips, she speaks with her eyes. He knows her needs before she does. He has become a part of her soul.

The soul she now shares with him. If she doesn't wish to speak he knows her body language. The language of love. They make love as if they are wild, untamed animals. Animals that the world has never known. Wild, untamed, and passionate beasts. He scoops her up in his arms as if he were Tarzan king of the jungle.

He takes her down the hall to their bedroom where he gently unclothes her and ravishes her naked body. When she undresses him, she thinks shes looking at a work of art. A tall and handsome man he is. Her man. The man of her dreams. The only man she ever wishes to know. Her statue of perfection.